About Us

Who we are

We are a progressive and dynamic Hindu, Cultural & Social organisation.

Our purpose

To lead and support the community in order to preserve and promote our heritage and the values of Sanatan Dharma through the delivery of social and religious events, activities and educational programmes for all our Community

Our Vision: what do we want to become?

  • Dynamic, progressive and forwarding thinking
  • Attractive & inclusive to young & old
  • Supportive
  • Inspiring and empowering
  • Professional
  • Leading the Community
  • Developing our youth
  • Caring for our elders
  • Preserving our identify
  • Educated in our rich culture and religion

Values and principles: what do we believe?

In all our work we will

  • Be inclusive: involve people
  • Be honest and act with integrity
  • Be open and Transparent
  • Respect and value everyone
  • Act Professionally
  • Act in the interest of the public