Bereavement Service

BPM specialises in Hindu bereavement services

We know that our community members, their families and loved ones go through very difficult time when there is bereavement in their family.  In order to help and support  the bereaved family during such stressfull times, BPM Leadership team will endeavour to provide the following facilities and services.

Please Note – These facilities and services can be provided only if BPM Hall is available at the required time and day and only if BPM Volunteers and all necessary equipment is available and working.

  • Communicate the Announcement of Death and Last Rites and Funeral Service Arrangements to members of our community in and around Birmingham via BPM Facebook and e-mail.  We can also liaise with our other Mandals in the UK to request them to circulate the messages to their members. (Templates  for  assisting  Drafting of  the Announcements will be provided).
  • Provide BPM Hall  for Prarthna Sabha (condolence congregation) –  2 Hours maximum slot, as agreed,  for a charge of £150 (for BPM members).
  • Arrange for the Bhajan Team to chant appropriate Bhajans at Prarthna Sabha (condolence congregation)
  • Provide contact numbers for Brahmins in and around Birmingham.
  • Provide facilities for Antim Kriya/Puja and /or Darshan at BPM Hall outbuildings on the day of funeral before cremation service at the crematorium – 2 Hours maximum slot, as agreed, for a charge of £100 (for BPM members).
  • Arrange catering for Khichdi after cremation ceremony. If Khichdi  is to be served at BPM Hall – 2 Hours maximum slot, as agreed, for a charge of £100 (for BPM members).
  • Arrange catering of Prashaad (Jaman) after the Barmu / Termu  ceremony. If Prashaad (Jaman) served at BPM Hall – 2 Hours maximum slot, as agreed, for a charge of £100 (for BPM members).
  • Provide addresses for scattering of Ashes.

Please Note: Catering service for Khichdi and Barmu/ Termu  if to be served at BPM Hall will be on Buffet Service only

Any other services required from BPM should be requested by the bereaved family well in advance so that the BPM Leadership Team has enough notice to make appropriate arrangements.  .

The requests could include items such as:

  • use of the PA System
  • Availability and use of the Projector and Screen – bereaved family to check compatibility of their laptops, cables, connections, etc, prior to the Prathna Sabha (condolence congregation).
  • BPM  Religious / Cultural team members to chant Bhajans
  • Preparation of tea at Prarthna Sabha (condolence congregation).  (Bereaved families to supply all the items such as; tea, milk, sugar, cups etc. and any light refreshments they wish to serve).

BPM  Leadership team expects friends and relatives of the bereaved families to set up the hall at the beginning i.e. chairs, audio/visual, etc. and then at the end clearing the hall by putting everything away into their original place. The Hall is to be left in a neat and tidy state as before the start. We humbly request the bereaved family to plan the event such that the hall is vacated at the end of agreed time  slot to enable BPM Volunteers to lock up the Hall and Car Park.

Please Note – If the times slots agreed with the BPM Leadership team are exceeded, then hourly charge rate will apply in addition to charges agreed for the extended use of the BPM Hall.

The above arrangements and charges  will be reviewed  regularly.

For further details or for requesting the service please email BPM at